Single Parent Dating Q&A : Watching Porn Together

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Single Parent Dating Advice for the Divorced Dad. Our Q&A Article This Month Comes From a Divorced Single Mother, Free Weekend, No Kids, And her Boyfriend Got Upset When she suggested Watching Porn Together. Read More…

Single Parent Dating Q & A on Ask SingleDad: Watching
Porn Together

Single Parent Dating
Advice for the Divorced Dad. Our Q&A Article This Month Comes From a
Divorced Single Mother, Free Weekend, No Kids. Boyfriend Got Upset When I
suggested Watching Porn Together. Read More…

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From Phoenix, AZ is asking…I am a 36- year old Divorced Mom, dating a 38-year
old Divorced Dad. We have been together a little over a year and it was our
free weekend without kids. I wanted to do something fun and spontaneous one
night and since I was feeling extra playful, I suggested to my boyfriend that
we watch Porn together. I had never watched Porn in my life and I’ve always
wanted to, but with someone special. I thought we would be able to have some
fun together but my suggestion backfired on me. My boyfriend looked at me in
disgust as if I had cheated on him. Needless to say…our night was cut short… Is
it just my boyfriend or do all guys think women should keep these ideas to


Answer from

you would have asked me a couple of years ago Tracy, my reply would have been, "Stop
that train of thought". However, the fact is that the fastest growing audience
of "adult-entertainment"(aka, porn) are women and it has become part of many
couples healthy sex-life. In fact, there are groups of websites that cater to
the female audience and are directed and produced by women for women. I think
what happened is that you caught your boyfriend off balance and his reaction
was possibly caused by poor delivery on your part. Dating a divorced dad is
different and there are some subject areas that can be touchy and downright
awkward to discuss.

most men, viewing porn is a private matter and often watched alone. In your
case, you wanted to add a little variety and excitement in your relationship. I
think the best advice I can offer you is to take up the conversation again with
your boyfriend and talk to him about your curiosity. Ask him if he wants to be
part of your first viewing. Make sure you let him know that there is nothing
wrong with your current sex life with him and I believe he will open up to your
suggestion. It is possible that your boyfriend took your porn suggestion as a
threat or a criticism of your current sex life together. I think if you re-assure
him in these areas and invite him to your first viewing, you will have better

Luck and keep me posted

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