Single Dad Dating: The Right Time 

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Single Dad Dating: The Right Time 


SingleDad wants to help you understand Single Parent Dating from a Man’s perspective. How To Date a Divorced Dad is the Q&A Single Parent Dating Advice section on SingleDad. Our topic this month is knowing when the right time is to introduce your children to your partner. 


Dear SingleDad, 

I have 3 children and I am separated. I have been dating someone new for about 6 months now. I’m not sure when the right time is to introduce her to my children. 


-Victor, 47 

Separation is a change, getting back into the dating scene is a change, and those changes leave an impression on everybody. Of course finding the right time is wanted and needed. Today’s article will help you figure out when is the right time. 


  • Children 

Clearly your children and their feelings are important to you. I would say no matter their age, introducing a new relationship in your life can not be rushed. The children’s safety, comfort, and overall well being plays a big role in the relationships you have with them and your partner. 


  • Who Is This New Partner, Who Are You? 

You said you have been with this new partner for about six months now. I would say the relationship is still fresh and new! I’m sure you know this partner, but not everything about them yet. There are still so many sides in each of you to introduce to one another. And who are you with this partner? What kind of relationship is this at six months? Are there red flags? To help make your decision I would ask yourself these questions. 


  • When Is The Right Time? 

Already asking and being unsure when the right time is shows that it’s not the right time. I’m a firm believer in trusting your gut and when you know, you know. 


I wish you luck and push that you follow your gut instincts. Communicating with your children, your partner, and following that instinct, with no rushing, can only provide security for all of you.


Are You Dating a Divorced Dad? 

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