Single Dad Dating: Taking Back Your Sex Life 

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Single Dad Dating: Taking Back Your Sex Life 

SingleDad wants to help you understand Single Parent Dating from a Man’s perspective. How To Date a Divorced Dad is the Q&A Single Parent Dating Advice section on SingleDad. Our topic today, we learn how to take back your sex life. 

Dear SingleDad, 

I’m a single dad with 3 young children. I am seeing someone new, the kids love her which is great, but they love her so much that we have no time to get intimate with each other! What can we do so we are not interrupted during that time? 

-Jack, 32 


That’s not the worst problem to have while being a single father and dating! Frustrating I imagine. A funny moment maybe. In this article today, SingleDad can give you some tips so you and your partner can get to it in peace! 

  • Busy Days

Now I’m sure your intimate time is at night when your children are supposed to be asleep, but kids wake us up for all kinds of reasons! They may feel sick, a nightmare, or need some extra affection. Of course your children are your first priority and be sure they feel that’s the case. There can be days where you tire your children out. Take them to the park after school, play board games, keep them active until it’s bedtime and they will need those z’s. 


  • Schedule 

I’m sure your children also have a sleep schedule. It’s great they love your partner, but if they want to continue to spend time with her, be strict on the schedule. Kindly but stern. Communicate with them to try their hardest to get their good nights sleep unless absolutely needed to wake you both up. 


  • Distractions 

I’m speaking more about finding intimate time at bed time because it’s usually easier for everyone. 

I do not advise getting it on when your children are around and awake. Read a book to them before bed or even allow your partner to; they may love that even more and have better listening ears for her. You can put on a fan, soft music, or a calm movie as white noise to put them to sleep. The children won’t want to miss a thing in the movie (especially one they love even if they have seen it 500 times) and eventually fall asleep to it. 


  • Get Creative 

Use your time to get intimate with one another while your children are at school, or on either of your lunch breaks, or plan a date night! Hire a babysitter and spend the time at your partners house for a change. 



Are You Dating a Divorced Dad? 

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