Ask SingleDad, Divorced Dad Dating Q & A: I Never Had “The Talk”

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Ask SingleDad Is Your Single Parent Dating Q & A Resource. This month, A Divorced Dad Has Been Dating A Woman For Three Months, and Never Had “The Talk” About Exclusivity…Read More.

Ask SingleDad, Divorced Dad Dating Q &
A: I Never Had "The Talk"

Dating a Divorced Dad
is Different. Whether you are a Newly Single Mom or Just A Single Woman Looking
For Dating And Relationship Advice; Ask SingleDad Is Your Single Parent Dating Resource.
This month, A Divorced Dad has been dating a Woman for three months, and never
had "The Talk" About Exclusivity…Read More.


name is Phil from Beaumont, TX. I am a 38-year old Divorced Dad with two kids,
ages 5 and 7. I just started dating again after being married 5 years. I went
on Single Parent Meet and have been on a few "back-to- back" Internet dates
with a couple of women. I have been casually dating a specific woman for three
months now and she got upset when we had the conversation about me not being
exclusive. I like her and she’s fun to be with but I’m really not looking to
jump into a relationship anytime soon. I had a bad divorce and I just want to
see what’s out there. The talk never came up until now and I don’t know how to
handle this. Can you recommend any advice?

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Relationships can be messy my friend.
I’m just giving it to you straight; you probably should have had this talk much
earlier on. There is a saying, "When you open her legs, you open her heart…"
and you might have crossed those emotional lines much too soon without a
disclosure or conversation. I’m sure you know that women sometimes see actions
as talk Phil, so take inventory: Have you spent a few lazy Sundays in bed
together? Have you invited her to a wedding? Then it’s likely she thought you
bypassed the awkward conversation entirely.

bottom line Phil is that nobody gets a "free pass" without some consequences
and you need to think about your situation from your girlfriend’s perspective. If
you prefer your bachelor freedom versus sleeping with only one woman, then you
need to tell her now and move on…unless you both can agree to have a FWB
(Friend’s With Benefits) type of relationship.

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