3 Ways to Lose a Woman’s Trust

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SingleDad wants to help you understand Single Parent Dating. Our topic this month, 3 ways to lose a woman’s trust, offers unique insight in single parent dating. Read more…

Ways To Lose A Woman’s Trust

A good relationship is built
on a many things – honesty, communication, passion, stability, humor, love, and
trust. Though all components of a successful relationship are important, trust
is essential to any long-term relationship. Once the trust is gone, the
relationship is out the window.

Building up trust takes time,
and it is built on honesty and sincerity – say what you mean, do what you say,
be who you are, and respect what your partner wants. Though trust takes time to
establish, it can be lost in the blink of an eye or squandered away gradually
over time. As men, we sometimes do things to lose the trust of a woman we love.
Sometimes we don’t even know we are doing it, and sometimes the trust fades
away so gradually that it disappears without a sign. Once it’s gone, it’s a
monumental task to get it back…if it’s even possible!

So – how can we retain the
trust we’ve built in a relationship? Here are three ways you can avoid doing
some of the stupid things men do to lose a woman’s trust, and keep a loving
relationship going strong.

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Communication and

Ah, communication – often
talked about, often ignored. Communication is vital to the success of any
. A relationship is a connection between two people, and
communication plays an important role in keeping this connection powerful.
Communication is all about an exchange of ideas, wants, needs, feelings,
desires, and problems. The less communication there is, the more that little
problems will become big problems. But guys, remember, communication doesn’t
just mean you get to tell your girl all your wants and needs; it also means you
have to ask about and listen to her want and needs.

I’m Sorry and I Love You

Say it after me, guys: "I’m
sorry." Now: "I love you." These are two of the most important phrases
in the English language for couples. If you fail to utter these short sentences
at regular intervals in a relationship, you will eventually lose the trust of a
woman. Everyone wants to be loved, and women like to hear it. If you really do
love someone, it’s easy to tell them how much you do. Saying "I’m sorry" is
another way to keep the trust. If you never say you’re sorry, a woman will find
it difficult to believe what you say. No one is perfect – we all make mistakes.
Never saying sorry doesn’t mean you’re perfect, it probably means you’re an
arrogant jerk, and what woman can trust an arrogant jerk?

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Inconsistency is the Enemy
of Trust

An inconsistent man is often
an untrustworthy man. If you are going to do something, do it. If you’re words
don’t match your actions, what is a woman to think? Don’t say one thing today,
and then do something different tomorrow. The more you deliver on your word,
the more likely a woman will be to trust you. If you act in a consistent
manner, a woman will be more likely to trust that you will be there when she
needs you.

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