14 Reasons to Date a Single Dad

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SingleDad wants to help you understand Single Parent Dating from a Man’s perspective. How To Date a Divorced Dad is the Q&A Single Parent Dating Advice section on SingleDad. Our topic this month, 14 reasons to date a single dad, offers unique insight to women in how to date and possibly develop a relationship with a divorced dad. Read more…

14 Reasons
to Date a Single Dad

In the dating world, everyone comes with a little baggage. Sometimes
that baggage means children. Yes, there are plenty of
single parents on the
circuit – many of these are single dads. But, do women want to date men
with children? Is dating a single dad different than dating anyone else? Should
you avoid dating a single dad all together, no matter how good looking,
charming, or wonderful he may seem?

Single Dad Dating

Just because a man is a single dad, doesn’t mean you should eliminate
him from your dating possibilities. If you do, you just might be eliminating
“the one.” Instead of avoiding single dads when you’re out in the dating world,
it might be wiser to pay closer attention to the single dads you meet.

14 Reasons to Date a Single Dad

If you’re looking for reasons to stay away from single dads, this list
is not for you! Here are 14 reasons to date a single dad:

Single Dad Dating

  1. A
    single dad probably knows how to be patient and encouraging. He’s had to
    do it with his kids and he’ll probably be the same with you.
  2. Dads
    learn to be protective and create safe environments for the ones they
  3. You
    get to see him in action – how he deals with problems, emergencies, and
  4. Single
    dads have usually learned to be handy – fixing toys, building LEGO
    structures, hooking up electronics, and spending all day putting together
    a basketball hoop.
  5. A
    single dad has usually learned to be unselfish, as he has had to put the
    needs of his children ahead of his.
  6. He no
    longer believes he’s the center of the universe – this goes along with
    being unselfish, but being a dad has probably toned down his arrogance,
    his ego, and his boyhood impatience.
  7. Single
    dads no longer shirk responsibility – they’ve had to take care of things
    without fail. They’ve probably also owned up to their part of the blame in
    the failure of the relationship that produced his kids.
  8. He
    probably has developed his sensitive side…especially if he has a little
    girl. Almost more rare than a unicorn sighting, a sensitive man is quite a
  9. Single
    dads tend to be flexible and adaptable – everyone who has raised a kid had
    to learn to adapt to various circumstances!
  10. Single
    are usually playful and have a great sense of humor. Without a sense
    of humor, they would have gone crazy raising kids by themselves!
  11. He
    has most likely learned to be a good listener. You can tune your kids out
    for awhile, but not forever. Single dads have had to develop their
    listening skills in order to solve problems and sooth emotions.
  12. He’s
    probably playing for keeps. Sure, he may only want a casual relationship
    at first, but if he brings you into his kids’ lives, he wants to make sure
    you are staying.
  13. If he
    doesn’t have full custody, it means he has a lot of free time to spend
    with you!
  14. Perhaps
    the most important factor for many women – he likes kids. You won’t have
    to wonder whether he’ll be a good father; you already get to see him in

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