How To Be A Better Dad: Discipline

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How To Be A Better Dad: Discipline


How To Be a Better Dad is the fatherhood and co-parenting section on SingleDad. Share and exchange great fatherhood advice from our members who are in all stages of fatherhood. Our topic today is about discipline.


Dear SingleDad, 

I have one daughter who is 4 years old. She’s wonderful yet rambunctious. Time outs are no longer working so what are other ways to discipline her? 

-Russ, 30


Four is an exciting age but yes, rambunctious! Children have stages in their life and grow out of things. Things such as clothes, toys, behavior, and time outs. SingleDad has some tips to share with you. 


  • Consistency

When your daughter is put in these time outs are you consistent with it? For example, if she gets out of her time out, do you continue to put her back? If not, this gives her the idea she is able to get away with it and time outs aren’t a real consequence. 


  • Communicate

Now that your daughter is older and able to communicate, explain to her why she is being disciplined. Children are experiencing a new world with new eyes and do not always understand why they are being disciplined. Communicating and guiding her will help with her listening. Also, don’t forget to ask why. “Why did you decide to color the wall?” Children are innocent and do not usually make choices with ill intentions. 

  • Never Become Physical 

Never become physical. Simple as that. For many people, becoming physical was a normal “discipline.” That is not discipline. Discipline is supposed to create growth, understanding, and better judgment. Becoming physical does not teach a lesson, but only fear. 


  • This or That 

When your daughter is acting out, sit her down, and give her an option. For example, if she doesn’t want to pick up her toys before bed give her the option, “would you rather pick up your toys or not watch tv tomorrow night?” Giving her these options allows her to make a choice and what choice she makes decides if she gets tv time tomorrow night or not. Explain to her as well why it’s important to pick up her toys. “It feels good to take care of your toys and be in a clean space.” This ties into communication and will help decision making along with her listening. 


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