Fitness for Dads: 5 Holiday Health Tips for Dads

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Holiday season got you down? Here are 5 holiday health tips for Dads that will re-charge your mind, body and soul. SingleDad offers Men’s Health, Diet and Exercise Tips for Dads ages 35+ and up. Read more…

Fitness for
Dads: 5 Holiday Health Tips for

Holiday season got you down? Here are 5 holiday health tips
for Dads that will re-charge your mind, body and soul. SingleDad offers Men’s Health, Diet and
Exercise Tips for Dads ages 35+ and up. Read more…

1. Eat Oatmeal – A
healthy diet is usually the first thing that goes during the holidays. Too many
potlucks, school functions and long work days keeps a lot of dads away from
their routine. One of the most important meals of your day is breakfast and it
is important to keep your body close to your healthy habits as possible.


Start your day with steel cut oatmeal. Oatmeal absorbs
slowly, and gives your body to sustained energy. Another health benefit with
oatmeal is that it keeps blood sugar steady, says, Dr.David Weatherhold,
Physician, La Jolla Ca.. A great addition to your morning oatmeal is dried
fruit like cranberries, blueberries.

2. Get Sleep- Way
too often sleeping patterns get thrown off during the holiday rush. Dads are
working dog hours at the office and often getting to bed way too late. There is
only so much coffee is going to do the next morning, so you need to focus on
catching up on sleep. 7- 8 hours a night is your target sleep
minimum. Studies show that more stress related illness is found common in men ,
35 and up who are not getting enough sleep.

Don’t wait for a sudden collapse from exhaustion or a trip
to the hospital to remind you, use your time wisely and even allow yourself a
daily nap to catch up on your rest. There is no better way to stay healthy over
the holidays than to have adequate sleep.


3. Manage your
The holiday season can bring out the worse in our attitudes.
Deadlines are missed and obligations from work and home are stacking up. It’s
important to keep a cool head during these times. Ask yourself these questions
when you are felling stressed: 1. What is bothering me? 2. Is what’s bothering
me going to matter 2 weeks/2months from now? If the answer is "No"… then let it

One of my biggest mistakes I made as a Single Parent was
worrying about Christmas gifts for my children a few years ago. I had very
little extra money around and was limited on gifts. Instead of sitting down
with my children and getting them involved with my gift options to them; I made
a half-hearted effort to cover up my shortcomings and bought gifts that didn’t
make any sense. The gift unwrapping was a nightmare and left my oldest daughter
hurt and confused. It wasn’t until a recent lunch date that I had with my
daughter that my truth was told to her. As always, my daughter gave me the
insight that I needed to hear and I should have been more upfront about my
situation and put my pride behind me.

When it comes to holiday stress, make sure to ask yourself
those two key questions and you will realize that many of those things you are
worrying about will dissipate from your mind.


4. Vary your exercise
The holiday season seems to smash into our normal workout routine
so make it an effort to keep pace and change your routine; both in schedule and
routine. Mix up what you are doing now and when you are doing it.

Change opens your mind up to new challenges both mentally
and physically. Take your current routine and add in a cardio-only routine in
between days. If Monday is your heavy lifting day, make Tuesday your jogging or
spin class day. Get your body to react to the change by challenging it. Some
gyms offer special classes just to address the holidays. Take on a new class on
your "off days" from the weights.

Another great way to challenge your fitness over the
holidays is to change your start times. Turn your "morning" workout times into
the evening after work or even after dinner. The idea is to spark change and
keep your body and mind adaptable to the holiday schedule change. Give it a


5. Community Service:
One of the most valuable gifts I learned to give this time of year is the
gift of time. Find a community center, homeless shelter or church that is
looking for holiday volunteers and ask if you can bring your children with you
to help out.

Some of the best Fatherhood moments I have experienced with
my children is the times I spent with them giving back to our community and
volunteering with them. Homeless shelters are flooded this time of year with
families and it puts everything into perspective when you sit down and connect
to another human being. It also creates conversation with our children about
humility and being grateful.

If the homeless is too uncomfortable for you and your
family, try volunteering your family to an Elderly Care Center and "Adopt a
Grandma and Grandpa". What better
way to spend your holiday time together by making a new family friend and
spending some quality time with a senior. The facts are that we are living
longer and there are many retired elderly that my not have family visiting them
this time of year. Now is a great time of year to play "grandchildren" and give
the gift of some attention to someone who will appreciate you and your family.
Most Senior Centers offer programs for volunteers to visit their guests for the

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