Binge Eating Isn't So Bad With These 5 Snacks

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Learn the latest on men’s health topics and tips for Dads between the ages of 35 and up. Fitness for Dads articles focus on Men’s Health, Diet and Exercise programs that will help keep Dads in the best shape of their lives. This month, learn the top 5 snacks where it’s ok to binge eat!

Binge Eating Isn’t So Bad
With These 5 Snacks

It’s tough being a single dad. Trying to keep up with your
kids is almost a losing proposition – they just have so much energy! You know that you have to eat right, get some
exercise, and get plenty of rest.
Sitting on the couch after work eating a bag of chips isn’t probably
going to provide you with the fuel you need to keep up with the kids!

However, everyone likes to binge once in a while, and guess
what, there are a few snacks that aren’t so bad to have an extra helping, or
two, or three. Here are a few great binge eating items that provide some
nutrition and won’t completely kill your diet or your shape!

5 Snacks You Can
Binge Eat Without Guilt

Ice Cream…well, sort

Fitness For Dads

There are a few different kinds of frozen treats on the
market that look like and taste like ice cream…but they aren’t really ice
cream. One brand you will find in many health food stores is Artic Zero. This
delicious dessert has only 150 calories per pint. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream
has 250 calories or more per serving (1/2 cup)…which means eating the entire
pint will push you up around the 1,000 calorie mark. You can pig out on Artic Zero
and not worry about getting one of those dad bodies we’ve been hearing too much
about! Arctic Zero also packs plenty of fiber and protein into each serving.

Babybel Cheese

Ok, we know that cheese is probably not the healthiest
product to eat, but this one just might be a good snack if you don’t eat too
much. Babybel cheese is prepackaged bite-sized cheese which contains five grams
of protein per portion. Remember I said you could have an extra helping or two
of these snacks? Babybel cheese is perfect for this – you could probably even
have four of them and not ruin your waistline. Also, the International Journal
of Obesity found that individuals who ate pre-packaged meals learned better
portion control and eventually lost weight.


Fitness For Dad

A summer favorite – watermelon is the perfect snack. It’s 92
percent water, so it has few calories and you can eat several servings without
busting your belt. You can also have a great time with the kids spitting seeds
– true summer fun!


Everyone’s favorite snack, popcorn sometimes gets a bad rap
because we think of movies popcorn, which is very bad for you for any number of
reasons. But, hot-air popcorn, with a smidgen of sea salt is a perfect
low-calories, high-fiber treat. You can munch on hot-air popcorn any time of
day without ruining your diet or filling up with empty calories.


Fitness For Dads

Blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries are snack that
comes with absolutely no guilt! They are low calories and filled with
antioxidants. Eat almost as much as you want because they are one of the
healthiest snacks you can eat!

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