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Fitness for Dads articles focus on Men’s Health, Diet and Exercise programs that will help keep Dads in the best shape of their lives. Let us show you how to get your body in shape in time for summer. Adopt our easy techniques into your workout routine and get your beach body NOW. Read more.

Fitness For Dads: Beach Body NOW

Getting your body in shape in time for summer is a lot
easier than you think. We asked our
trainer Burt Conkling at SingleDad to give use a few tips on getting a summer
beach body faster and here’s what he said: "The key is adding new exercises
into your regular routine at the gym and they will cause muscle confusion. This
confusion causes your body to build on muscle faster."

Give these new exercises a try and visualize your beach body
in process…

  • Pushup Lockoff:

Assume the pushup position but add a medicine ball into the
routine. Take your right hand over the medicine ball while the other is planted
on the ground. Keeping your body straight, lower your chest until it is a few
inches from the floor. Now push up until your right arm is straight and touch
your right shoulder with your left hand. Return to the starting position and
switch the medicine ball over to the left hand and repeat the exercise. 7 Reps
per arm, Sets of 4.

  • Straight Arm Pull down:

Use a Cable station and attach a rope to the highest level
of the station. This exercise is all in the technique, so keep the weight at a
moderate setting, (15- 20 pounds). Holding an end of the rope with both hands,
push your hips back with your arms extended. Without bending your arms, thrust
your hips forward and use your torso to pull the ropes down to your thighs.
Return to starting position and repeat. 10

  • Dumbbell Single-Arm Shoulder Press:

Stand holding a dumbbell in your right hand in front of your
right shoulder, (10- 15 pounds). Press the weight directly above your shoulder,
then lower it to complete one rep. Do all reps one arm at a time. Reps: 7 Sets:

Beach body

  • Plate Chop:

Holding a weight plate (25 pounds), bend your knees and
rotate your torso to the left as you lower the weight to the outside of your
left knee. Then rise up as you rotate right and lift the weight up above your
right shoulder. Pause and pivot back down to your left. Repeat. Reps: 7 times
per side Sets: 4

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