Is Chipotle the Best Fast Food Restaurant in the Universe?

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Dads shop differently than Moms when it comes to consumer goods and products that work for Men; and that’s what Dad Product Reviews is all about. This month, learn about some exciting, new and most importantly, tasty updates to Chipotle’s awesome menu!

Is Chipotle the Best Fast
Food Restaurant in the Universe?

Is Chipotle the best fast food restaurant in the country,
the world, or the universe? Your answer may depend on what you think about when
you think about fast food. But, there’s no doubt that millions of Americans
love the place. A few recent announcements by the fast food chain has thrust
into the national spotlight and put in on top of the fast food restaurant leader

Chipotle has made a few changes that are making people take
notice. It’s become popular over the past several years by offering tasty,
relatively healthy food, and investing in safer and more humane
ingredients. But, the chain isn’t
resting on its laurels – it continues to improve the quality of its product.

Delivering Dinner…or Lunch

It recently announced that it would begin delivering its
famous burritos right to your front door. You don’t even have to get in the car
and drive to the nearest location. Just like pizza, Chipotle can be had with
just a phone call. For single dads, this is a great way to treat your kids to
healthy, inexpensive, and convenient dinner.

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No More GMOs

Chipotle recently announced that it is banning GMOs from its
menu. It’s the first national fast food chain to make this move. GMOs
(genetically modified organisms) are living organisms whose genetic material
has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory. It is believed that GMOs are
in as much as 80 percent of conventional processed food in the United States.
Though there is a debate over the safety of GMOs, Chipotle prefers to provide
the safest and healthiest food to its customers. Representatives from Chipotle
say they are removing GMOs because the long-term health implications from their
consumption are unknown. At Chipotle you don’t get the additives,
preservatives, and now the GMOs.

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Chipotle Helps its Workers Succeed

The fast food chain made another big announcement recently
when it revealed it would offer new benefits to its hourly workers. Chipotle
joins a few other companies who have increased benefits in the past few years.
These benefits include paid sick leave, paid vacation pay, and tuition
reimbursement. With this move, they are hoping to boost recruitment and
retention. It’s win/win move as both the company and the hourly workers will
see benefits.

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Chipotle has been doing fast food differently since they
opened. They continue to make improvements for both their customers and their
workers. I don’t know about the universe, but it sure seems like the best fast
food company in the country…especially for Single Dads!

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