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Dads shop differently than Moms when it comes to consumer goods and products that work for Men; and that’s what Dad Product Reviews is all about. This month, learn about a relatively new social sharing photo platform for single dads….read more. – a Photo
Sharing Website For Dads

Look – on the Internet – it’s a hashtag…it’s a website…it’s
a social photo sharing community! Yes, above all else, is a social
photo sharing community for dads and families. Though it’s for all dads, it’s
especially relevant for single dads who may be sharing custody or who may live
in a different city or state from the ex.

What is Dadtography? is a crowd-sourced mobile and desktop
website that provides users the ability to share photos anywhere and
everywhere. On Dadtograhy,com, community members can start visual
conversations, share photos, and enjoy the challenges and joy of family life
through pictures.

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How Do You Use

There are basically two ways to get the most out of You can use the hashtag #Dadtography on photos you share on
Instagram, and the photo will automatically appear on the front page of; or you can also use the “Share a Photo” feature. By
definition, this is a way to share your photos with family and friends. You
select a photo from your phone or computer, or even take a new one, then you
title it and give it a short description if you want, and you have quickly and
easily shared a photo!

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Why describe it when you can take a picture of it? Why keep
the picture to yourself when you can share it with family and friends all over
the world? Did you take a picture of yourself on a work trip and want to share
it with your kids back home? How about that selfie your daughter took on her
way to school? How about those greasy,
fried foods you and your kids had at the summer fair – don’t you think they
would be worth sharing with friends and family? You bet they would. That’s
exactly what is for.

Dad Product Review

Find Out What Other Dads Are Doing

One of the best things about Dadtography might be the fact
that you can find out what is going on in the lives of other dads. You can see
what other dads are doing with their kids. It’s a great way to get ideas on how
to spend a day or a vacation with the kids.

Dadtography is a great place for dads to have visual
conversations with other dads, This is especially important for single dads,
who may be busy raising their kids as a single parent, or who may have only
specified times with the kids.

Dad Product Review is a great way for you to see how others
enjoy their kids, and for you to show everyone else how much you enjoy being a

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RJ is self employed, entrepreneur living in San Diego and a father of three children. The mission of SingleDad is to help the community of Single Parents
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