Company Overview

Company Background is the first comprehensive online resource developed for single dads. Created in 2007 by entrepreneur and single father of three Richard “RJ” Jaramillo, the site offers an extensive array of valuable services, advice and referrals to help single dads navigate through the daily challenges of single parenting by providing the highest quality resources and timely information to support the family’s continued health, wealth and general well-being. is more than just a portal; it’s an interactive, social network that instantly connects single dads nationwide. The online community enables single dads to exchange ideas, build camaraderie and provide helpful tips and advice to each other. Lessons learned from throughout this community can help ease the stress of single parenting while enriching the lives of its members.

Addressing the Need

While facing the daily challenges of raising three children on his own, Jaramillo realized how few resources were available to help him succeed as a single parent. Support groups, organizations, web sites and play groups were everywhere for single mothers and nowhere for single dads. He also became acutely aware of the social stigma often associated with single dads: viewed largely as weekend dads or as uncaring and absent from their children’s lives. Jaramillo encountered single dads everywhere who were dedicated to raising their children but were in desperate need of assistance.

Jaramillo first began sharing his on-the-job training, experiences and tips with other single dads through email and phone calls. Word spread and the calls and emails increased. With such an obvious need and his personal desire to help other single dads, Jaramillo developed the concept for this dynamic online community and resource center, funded initial work, secured other financing and has now launched this great new resource. With passion and enthusiasm, the team is committed to making life happen – again, for single dads everywhere.