Ask a Lawyer on Single Dad: Paternity, Baby Daddy Custody

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Jeffrey Leving is the nation’s leading Fathers Rights Attorney and offers FREE Family Law advice for Men on This month, learn about the rights of a Baby Daddy. Read more.

Ask a Lawyer on Single Dad: Paternity, Baby Daddy Custody

Jeffrey Leving is the nation’s leading Fathers Rights
Attorney and offers FREE Family Law advice for Men on This
month, learn about the rights of a Baby Daddy.

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I have had my son and daughter
for the last 6 weeks, due to DCFS saying my children aren’t safe with their
mother. She received a DUI with my daughter in her car. A driver behind her
called when they saw my 4 year old daughter hanging half way out of the window.
Since then it has been a losing battle due to the fact that every time I get
the law involve she cries and tell a sob story and everything somehow gets
turned around to me being the bad guy. Finally things went in my favor when a
situation forced the police to get involved and had her sent to the hospital
and I was not told but know that she had narcotics in her system including
alcohol. My daughter who was in the car hanging out the window is deathly
afraid of police, because every time they come around, her mother gets taken away…


In the meantime she has tried to
contact them a select number of times including Christmas. She took longer than
needed to comply with DCFS, I truly believe that she is enjoying her time
without the kids, while spending the child support that she is still receiving
from me, while I am scraping pennies trying to make whatever cash I can. I have
been told by DCFS to go to court for custody and as I know this is in my babies
best interest I have had no luck finding resources. I just want to find a
respectful lawyer help me put my kids into a safe environment. They aren’t safe
with her, my kids have seen and heard things that a 8 and 4 year old should not
see and look at as normal. To make matters worse, since I have had them these
last weeks I haven’t been able to work my extra jobs to provide for them and
when I do work, I have to pay for a sitter, which in the end; I make nothing.

No to mention 48% of my paychecks gets taken out. For two different women for
child support. Both of these women are alcoholics and I am sure use some form
of narcotics. My son from my first relationship is 12 years old and is refusing
to talk to me after his mother had a bad situation and I had to have custody of
him for awhile relocating him to my house and new school.. I truly feel his
mother has turned him against me, I haven’t talked to him since June.

I have no money for a lawyer and am in fear of these women harming my children
or not taking care of them the way children should be taken care of. I am
begging for the sake of my children for REAL help and someone that can help me
with a heart NOT an invoice.



You are in a tough situation and
I urge you not to give up hope. Although there are many strategic steps
you can take on your own, the right attorney, such as veteran Chicago lawyer
Art Kallow, can fiercely fight for the safety of your children. I have the
utmost respect for attorney Kallow. I’ll never forget the time he won a difficult
trial by convincing the Judge to award his clients, the paternal grandparents,
sole custody of their two at-risk grandchildren. Remember, litigants that do
not assert their rights stand on quick sand.

You need to first strategically analyze
your rights to best protect your children. Custody is generally determined
based on the best interest of the child. Their mother’s behavior and addiction
and you having physical custody should be considered by the court when making
any further decisions. Call Attorney Art Kallow at 312-356-DADS and talk to him
about protecting your children and terminating your child support obligations.
You should analyze seeking a court order directing the children’s mothers to
pay child support to you and contribute to daycare and extracurricular expenses
for your children. If you do not get a court order terminating your support
obligation, you could end up solely supporting the children and owing a huge
amount of child support to the mother, which sounds ridiculous. Don’t end up a
target, your children need you.

Besides your financial concerns,
your children may be in need of counseling or therapy. If so, you should
consider family therapy. Counseling or therapy can be a great benefit.
Our office works closely with several mental health professionals and can
recommend someone who can help you and your children, if needed.As for your ex-spouse, we reccomend, "narcotic treatment rehabs".

Thank you for writing, and if
you have any additional questions concerning your matter, please visit me at

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