Ask a Lawyer on Single Dad: Devastated Bradley

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Ask a Lawyer on Single Dad: Devastated Bradley

Get Expert Family Law Article Advice from our Ask a Lawyer Topic Section on SingleDad. Craig A. Candelore, CLS-F   is one of the nation’s leading Fathers Rights Attorneys and offers FREE Family Law advice for Men on This month, learn about Bradley a health first responder trying to get to see his kids during the pandemic.

My name is Bradley I am a 38 year old singledad with 2 daughters ages 7 and 3. My question is I am a first responder and I’ve had to adapt and adjust my schedule I’ve made the sacrifice to have my ex wife to watch the kids during the sudden schedule change since my ex thinks our kids would be at risk. I currently took an office job so I can be not as high risk for the kids. My question is how do I get my ex wife to understand that my schedule is back to normal; That means no high risk cases and the kids will be safe. How can I get my custody agreement without going back to court?

Hey there Bradley! We live in a crazy world right now especially being a first responder in the current views. It’s understandable where you’re coming from; also from where your ex wife is as well.Its understandable for her to feel the way she currently does due to your kids safety. It might take some time for her to even try to listen. Just because you were a first responder during the pandemic doesn’t mean that you have contacted covid-19.

Explain the change in work schedule 

It might be hard for her to understand that you’ve changed your whole work schedule just so you can see the kids. Being a father is the best thing ever so as long as you explain how hard you’ve been fighting for them hopefully you guys can come to an agreement to be able to do both. Even if it means wearing masks for awhile whenever you are with your kids. This virus is very serious and her feelings have to be accounted for as well. 

Communicate with work

Make sure your work is aware that you are trying to be with your kids. Some places don’t really care what their employees want but during covid everyones been more lenient towards different things since we’ve never witnessed anything like this in a long time. She could also be protecting her parents as well. People with weakened immune systems seem to be the group of people covid aims for in a drastic measure.

At the end of the day she most likely won’t want to go to court unless you guys can’t find an agreement. Both of you guys should try to write down both pros and cons of this situation than address them once discovered. Communication will be your best friend on this one its the best way to get your voice heard and get to see your beautiful kids!

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